Tree Reshaping

Our tree surgery services include reshaping, reduction and felling. Whatever state a tree is in, we are competent to deal with it adequately. We do dead wooding and crown cleaning for damaged or diseased branches. Crown thinning or lifting allows more light into a given area and reduces wind resistance. We provide crown reduction for conserving/reducing a tree that has outgrown a confined space and pollarding for trees that are otherwise unmanageable.

A crown reduction is a very common arboricultural operation performed to reduce the height and/or spread of a tree. We reshape the crown by cutting back to a side bud or branch to retain a flowing branch line without leaving stumps. You may simply wish to have the complete removal of trees because they are dead, dying or dangerous to the surrounding environment. We have the expertise to ensure the felling is done safely and the trees are dismantled and removed from your property.