Our Tree Services

We have a highly skilled team of qualified tree surgeons at our Gloucestershire premises and are able to complete tree surgery jobs of all sizes. We carry out insurance reports and surveys as well as caring for trees. It’s not just about cutting them down!

Our team of aboricultural specialists are regularly involved across the full range of tree management projects, whether it’s pruning or hedge cutting, larger tree reductions, reshaping trees and shrubs, cable bracing, tree felling or stump grinding. We also provide tree planting services and other positive environmental works.

Greenfields work for county and city councils, large companies, parish councils, schools, the local diocese, housing associations, insurance companies and private customers.

Services 1

Tree Felling

Our tree surgery services include reshaping, reduction and felling. Whatever state a tree is in, we are competent to deal with it adequately.

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Services 2

Stump Grinding

At Greenfields we operate the latest stump grinding equipment which permits us to access even awkward stumps, and which removes the stump cleanly and efficiently.

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Services 3

Cable Bracing

For particularly valuable or older trees, a cable bracing system can be installed to insure safety and longevity.

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Services 4

Tree Pruning

Usually carried out on young trees to create future good shape and a strong lead shoot. In addition the pruning of fruit trees will help product healthy and abundant fruit crops.

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Services 5

Hedge Cutting

Virtually every hedge requires a degree of maintenance to prevent it becoming an unattractive wild bush.

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Services 6

Tree Planting

At Greenfields, we insist upon the very best quality and condition of planting stock and always source clients’ requirements from carefully chosen nursery growers.

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Services 7


We at Greenfields can advise on methods to increase and manage this benefit and provide long term maintenance programmes.

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Services 8

Tree Surveys

Our qualified tree surgeons provide visual reports on the condition and health of a single tree up to large areas of trees.

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